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The mission of our company is the satisfaction of our customers

Straight, simple, and to the point, We offer two main service we purchase cars and towing service. Whether your car has been wrecked in an accident, doesn’t run anymore, or you are just tired of looking at it sitting on your lawn, we are your solution! A wreck car can be any car that is not worth fixing up. Your car does not need to be twenty-five years old to be considered a Junker. Many cars that we pick up are from 2000 or newer and we pay more money for those. And if your car is in better shape, we may even pay MORE MONEY for it!



When it comes to taking care of you and your car, nothing is simple. During a breakdown you are in one of the most vulnerable moments of your life, you need someone who cares, we always care about you! Don’t let other companies keep you waiting when you need roadside assistance. Your car is the way you express your freedom, it’s part of your identity! You can’t just leave it lying around, so relax and call us! We provide safe towing services for all vehicles.

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